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Wide & Deep  Load Handling


PMH dealers can expect: SUPPORT

Narrow aisle equipment sales requires special attention to the warehouse design and product details. Many of our dealers handle competitive forklift lines, PMH supports and assists in the sales, training of system equipment.  Whether a simple utility style turret vehicle such as the WM, or special load applications, to the automated driverless computer driven equipment - your never far from help with PMH.

System sales allows the pro_active dealer to offer a total and comprehensive warehouse packages to their customer - from racks thru conventional forklifts. Your customer is looking for a complete solution from YOU.


If you or your sales manager are interested in receiving more information about the opportunities to sell and support the PMH equipment, simply click on the link and drop us a line. PMH offers the most comprehensive field of very narrow aisle forklift models.


RF Inventory Control

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Software and alternative solutions

NOT interested in space savings for your customer - just looking for more efficient load handling. Our inventory software & data communication solutions provide the necessary tools to organize the warehouse.