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depotmat automated driverless storage and handling forklift  special handling automated guided vehicle with telescopic forks  range of flexible automatically guided computer controlled horizontal transportation vehicles

Driverless Depotmat working in a highbay warehouse narrow aisleMultiple automated driverless depotmat vehicles in warehouse storage operation

The Depotmat is a high stacking narrow aisle Turret Truck capable of storing / retrieving loads without an operator. The automation package is produced and added by PMH and may be field retrofitted to the standard selection of very narrow aisle turret trucks offered by PMH.

The "Depotmat" competes with conventional AS/RS machines for automated storage and retrieval. The main advantage of the Depotmat system is its flexibility and system integration. The vehicle has the ability to travel between multiple aisles without fixed floor or ceiling rails. 

The vehicle incorporates agv style movement and features manual operational capabilities for semi-automatic handling where desired. All standard manual vehicle controls remain for use by an operator.


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