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Warehouse Analysis, Material flow and Logistics

Present Warehouse situation:

Existing and expanding your warehouse, reorganizing or planning a new one, all concepts start with a few basic thoughts:
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  • How much space is really required? Note the space requirement of each article to be stored and multiply it by the quantity. 
  • Must all articles be stored in your warehouse? Can some of the dust collectors be stored at your vendors facility? 
  • Are the transport distances in your warehouse optimized? Take under consideration that fast movers should be located with shorter transport distances.
  • Is your warehouse setup to handle multiple load sizes? Take note of the dimensions and weights of your loads and see if a unified common denominator can be utilized economically.

Material flow and Logistics

A "warehouse" by definition states:

"The warehouse is an integral supply chain component, in which its principal purpose is to bridge the gap between asynchronised manufacturing and consumption. Considerable savings can be achieved if the storage system supports the dynamics of the material flow, and the static function of plain STORAGE is avoided."

This means that the warehouse, should never be considered a stand alone individual entity but rather a portion of the entire material flow process.

The analysis of the material flow logistics, emphasizes optimum material flow while on the other hand reducing storage costs by increased productivity and reduced space requiurements.

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