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Integration of Information Logistics with Warehouse Managment, and Identification and Data Communications Technology.
warehouse material flow depends on data communications As a full service vendor we offer our customers and dealers a wide variety of products ranging from narrow aisle storage systems (VNA forklifts & AS/RS) to horizontal transportation (AGVs) and integrated data and communications technology.

To this end we start with the planning and engineering based on years of practicle experience and offer a comprehensive solution through our dealer partnership programs.

PHS - Pallet Handling System from PMH

pyramid of data communications equipment The Locator System is composed of two parts: mobile terminals called Locator Terminals and a base system called PHS.

The Locator System is designed with the concept that the action takes place on the warehouse floor. The operator is given suggestions about what should be done and where pallets should go. The supervisor can set all parameters within the PHS software to automatically schedule shipping and storage moves. If the operator however decides that he wants to do something else, he can refuse the suggested task or move and enter what actually was done.

For additional information select the RF / Inventory button. A description of the PHS program and additional specifications are available.