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EK combination order selecting / pallet handling very narrow aisle forklift

Rear view of EK order picking turret forkliftThe EK series vehicle is the preferred custom solution of your narrow aisle requirements. Compact and loaded with standard features this machine excels due to its flexibility and performance.

EK model capacities range from 2420 - 4400 lbs. Capacities are normally defined at the working elevation in order to ensure safe operation. The vehicle series can boast the shortest most compact chassis of a turret style forklift. Wide range of models and features to select from. All vehicles include the choice of SCR (Mosfet) or ~AC control technology.

Maximum fork elevation to 56 feet, the required working aisle width is only 18" more then the load insertion dimension, or an aisle dimension of 66" for a 48" pallet.

The EK is constructed for handling full pallet loads in very narrow aisles as well as order picking. Vehicle models include long load and wide pallet handling capability. This vehicle can also be adapted - full driverless automated guided vehicle operation.

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Features include:

Stepless ~ac or Mosfet SCR controls
Ergonomic drivers compartment with optional control panels, fold down and back supporting seat for standing
            operation of the vehicle
Wire or rail guidance (low profile and single rail options)
Auxillary lift to suit picking operation
Multiple head attachment styles, numerous chassis and cabin configurations 
Shortest turning radius and overall vehicle length in class
~ ac powered motors NO motor brushes or control contactors
Custom manufactured for Freezer, EE application, Heavy Loads, Oversized Loads and customer specifics 
Turret options include: tilt, sliding fork carriage, double deep reach, integrated weight scale etc
Optional integrated pedestrian safety system


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