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Order picking forklift with auxilliary mast and dual controls

Order selecting forklift operating within a narrow aisle Ergonomic design provides for fast and easy operator control and comfort of this counter-balanced Order Picker.
Forward / rear facing operator controls for either walk-thru or fully enclosed auxillary lift models, provide for unobstructed visibility of the aisles and operator convienance.  Note above the integrated mini-lift mast in front of the compartment that allows the forks to be raised to the operator pick height.
The WK series forklift covers a wide range of frame sizes, specifications and options, ideally suited for efficient and productive picking in storage areas. Versions include alternative load wheels for rough floors, walk out compartment, cold storage, on board data transmission, fork tilt, rail / wire guidance and high lift heights. .
Standard auxillary lift model is equipped with a secondary mast, allowing the operator to raise or lower the pallet as picked items increase or decrease the pallet level, in order to maintain the operator's natural working height (shown above).
Link to additional description and features of the WK & specifications can be obtained by clicking on WK specs. For complete support and prompt service, contact PMH  or your local STEINBOCK  PMH authorized dealer.

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