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WM sideloading turret forklift

wm sideloading turret truck in a narrow aisle applicationTodays Warehousing necessitates leading-edge equipment. The WM series turret trucks are designed to handle loads in a very narrow aisle storage environments and general transportation use.

In a further development of the EFL stacker PMH introduced the Mini-Depotlift. The WM man-down turret truck Model as it is known today offers an alternative to one sided aisle stacking or pivoting utility vehicles. Sold and supported under the PMH  STEINBOCK brand name the vehicles have been installed in countless applications. With over 30 years of experience and history in the US, PMH provides unparalleled sales, technical and parts support for these models. For complete narrow aisle system support and prompt service, contact PMH  or your local STEINBOCK   PMH authorized dealer.

" Let the Pro's Handle It ! "

The vehicles are capable of storing loads from 2750 lbs and up to 23 ft. The side mounted 180 degree pivoting mast gives the operator a clear unobstructed view of his surroundings. The compact 3-wheel design makes maneuvering a delight. Loads can be handled from either side of the vehicle and productivity is further increased with rapid diagonal lift / travel.

The WM is available in three different chassis widths for handling various load sizes. The required working aisle is recommended to be 26" wider than the load length (load insertion dimension).

Link to additional description and features of the WM & specifications can be obtained by clicking on WM specs

Unique standard equipment includes: (information request)

LCD display for steer wheel / battery / error condition / functional graphics
CAN-Bus electronics for centralized I/O processing and LCD display indication.
Parameters and controls programmable via laptop
~ AC motors and controls
~ AC electronic steering and guidance
~ AC electronics includes regenerative braking (recharges battery during braking & lowering operations)
~ AC Hydraulic controls for all pump functions controlling volume eliminating standard hydraulic valves and controls.

Features German engineering for top quality, safety and unparalleled excellence - brushless motors and simplified electronic wiring.


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