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“Our World” a completely Automated Material Handling System - the ULTIMATE for the 2000’s -- for the 3000’s we are planning to levitate loads for interstellar commerce.

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High Performance, high reaching Man-Up narrow aisle forklift, model EK with elevations up to 45 ft. 
Most innovative and advanced technology fitted with AC brushless motors, NO contactors, simple hydraulic flow control via the pump motor. Extremely service friendly, minimum amount of maintenance required.
A man-up narrow aisle Turret Truck is ideal for handling full pallet loads for 50% of the time and order picking for the other half. The model WA excels by having a fully enclosed cabin and secondary lift / with standard state of the art ergonomic operator controls.

                                                                    Man-up Turret

narrow aisle man up vehicles with raised & lowered cabs

automated guided vehicle for horizontal load transportation

“Freedom of Movement AGVs”
AGVs utilize modular design for various applications. Save by thinking is the principal behind logistic integration. 
At your request PMH can help analyze, design and plan your system.

Driverless vehicles

Model WK Narrow Aisle Order Selectors with reach heights up to 45 ft. 
Built to suit models, fully enclosed operator compartments fitted with initial lift mast or walk through units fitted with pallet clamps, automatic order picking cart docking etc..
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