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Superior Speeds - The combination of quick acceleration by the A/C motors combined with diagonal drive / lift and the smooth but fast side shift and rotation results in 60% better production compared to other brands Turret Trucks.

Far Greater Life Expectancy - Highest quality workmanship and components throughout the truck combined with far fewer parts (no motor brushes - no contactors - only four control wires - no wearable switches) gives the trucks - even under the roughest working conditions - a life span of over 20,000 working hours - many times more than other Turret Trucks.

Ease of maintenance and Repairs - these fewer components mentioned of course reduce the need for maintenance or replacement by more than 50% - this combined with the quality of the parts used and the ease of finding the problem spot by the two interacting truck computers reduces repair bills even further.

Features   - Include the rotational cockpit, operators seat, pedals, and controls pivot electrically - 30 degrees toward the mast and 10 degrees to the rear of the vehicle. Integrated automatic height selector with load / unload cycle maximize the operators productivity.

The height selector takes the judgement out of fork positioning, the operator is allowed to concentrate on driving the vehicle. Optional automatic load rotation within the narrow aisle, make this the most user friendly turret truck available.

operators compartment WD narrow aisle forklift  AC ~

rear view of WD narrow aisle forklift  WD It sounds like Science Fiction ... but the truck can be maintained and checked from a few thousand miles away. Simply attach a telephone modem and let the “Customer Service Center” check and evaluate every detail of the truck.

STEINBOCK Narrow Aisle Depotlift Forklift Trucks - not only a couple of classes better - the ONLY choice for the concerned businessman. Email us for local dealer information.

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