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Automated Driverless

AGVs from Service Robots to Stackers

The Casero care and service robot - used in care facilities, hospitals, hotels and offices for internal transportation. The vehicle can navigate freely and distribute beverages, meals, laundry, medications, documents or luggage between stations. The basic platform can be equipped with customer-specific superstructure.

A more comprehensive system might entail vehicles that transport carts with laundry - meals - or secure medicine carts throughout a hospital, negotiating elevators and doors in clean room environments.

Of course the industrial applications are always in the for front - we handle heavy and long loads in various environments. Vehicle adaptation is virtually limitless - top of the line autonomous vehicles such as the Mayesto "driverless turret truck", navigate freely outside of the narrow storage aisles and used virtually as an ASRS stacker inside the storage aisle.

Our partner MLR is among the world's leading manufacturers of automated guide vehicles for material flow systems, automated production processes and internal logistics.

Vehicle type include:

Drive under transports, Lift and ergonomic work station transports, tractors, platform vehicles, stackers, straddle trucks, narrow aisle vehicles and high lift fork trucks.

Planning a transport system, warehouse or storage facility, remember your never far from assistance with PMH.


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Driverless Automated Turret Truck

Mayesto high bay driverless stacker

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