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With the aid of computer simulation, the planned solution is tested and if necessary revised. This ensures that the customer receives a solution that he really needs.

Single mast stacker Twin Masted tall stacker Double mast stacker

Single mast storage retrieval unit - basically used for middle to high storage heights up to 75 feet with heavy loads or high turn over rates.

Twin mast unit - supports two load handling units and used in very high storage heights up to 140 feet. Also convienant for non-standard load carrier units such as molds, cars etc.

Twin mast - smaller series flexible and adaptable to many different load handling units with lift heights up to 60 feet.

As an example our logistics partner won the contract for the largest warehouse built to date in Europe, with a surface area of 9 soccer fields. The rack supported building houses 24 stacker cranes with a lift height of 108 feet running in aisles over 950 foot long. The facility stores over 280,000 pallets and transports product on just under 2 miles of conveyor.

Of course not all systems are this large, but the attention to detail is just as necessary and important on every asrs system.

Let our sales engineers assist you with your application. Your never far from assistance with PMH.


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Rack supported building with ASRS

ASRS stacker in aisle

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