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LogOS modules

The LogOS base system can be expanded with the following modules to meet your specific company and industry requirements.


Automated guided vehicle system control software, contains all the essential standard components to controll an automated guided transport sytem. Management administers all vehicles and work stations, dispatches, controls, and monitors vehicles, order fulfillment, production data, and peripheral transport technology.


The material flow control module coordinates the entire internal facilities material flow.


The stacker management module is designed for use with operator controlled transport vehicles, such as forklifts and manual stackers. The module organizes the entire order and transport disposition.


Complete order management with freely formulated storage and retrieval strategies, material or batch-based retrieval, returns, as well as storage level management.


The commissioning module manages and controls single and multi-stage commissioning with automatic replenishment settings.


Large scale block storage areas or facilites, such as container terminals, handles route optimization for transport vehicles.


Warehouse Management System is a powerful software package with all the functions required by modern, complex warehouse structures. Includes simultaneous controls and use of means for transport on a cost basis, controls material flow and production, spare parts supply and shipping.

LogOS Communication Manager

This manager relays the status and any faults via internal phone or pager interfaces, via email or cell phone / text to technicians on call. Eliminates continuous supervision of automated systems by informing responsible emplyee in case of an event.


Highly secure data lines allow fast, low-cost remote maintenance of all the modules.

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