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General Rules of the Road

Please review these simple regulations, following them will may save a life or avoid injury. The rules and regulations are designed to stimulate thought and provoke operator safety concerns. They should not be considered as a replacement for an authorized forklift safety training, available thru your local dealership.

Pedestrians may appear at doors, gates, passages, steps etc. and can enter your path unexpected.

Rule: Always maintain a safe distance where ever possible from potential danger - practice spotting these locations.

Avoid picking up loads in excess of the vehicles capacity. Attachments normally change the load center and vehicle capacity.

Rule: Only use the attachments suited for the specific vehicle. Make certain capacity plates on the vehicle and attachment coincide with one another.

Unsecured loads may shift while traveling.

Rule: Only pick and transport stabile loads - loose loads should be secured in order to avoid accidental loss of the load.

Bins, drums and rolls can easily become dislodged and move on their own.

Rule: Transport loads capable of rolling, in a manner that will prevent damage during sharp turns or sudden braking.

When loads are stacked - beware that incorrect stacking may cause the load to shift. Retrieval may then cause the product to fall.

Rule: When stacking or retrieving loads, always pay close attention to the adjacent loads in order to avoid dislodging product with your attachment or load.

Giving rides to unauthorized persons may cause serious injury. If the vehicle you are operating is not designed for additional transport - the person may fall, slide or otherwise injury themselves.

Rule: ONLY transport a person if your vehicle is suited with an extra seat, associated space and equipment.

Everyone in your facility is not authorized to operate a forklift - operation requires skill and training.

Rule: Never leave your Forklift running and unattended. The KEY is your personal responsibility. Never lend the vehicle to others you may be responsible for their actions.

Leaving the key in the ignition - may entice unauthorized operation of the forklift.

Rule: Always remove your KEY from the ignition when leaving your vehicle.

Damage or service requirements may cause safety concerns on your vehicle.

Rule: Inspect your vehicle daily - report problems to authorized individuals.

Within your facility - every aisle and area, may not be suited for forklift travel or  activity.

Rule: Observe all posted signs and travel only in designated forklift areas.

When sight is limited by obstructions - errors in judgement can occur / pedestrians may venture into unsafe areas.

Rule: Never block the vehicle pathway, view by stacking and storing loads in the immediate vicinity of traffic lanes.

When traveling on an incline travel in the direction of greatest visibility and beware of increased momentum.

Rule: Always travel ramps & inclines with increased care and consideration.

In areas where visibility is restricted - people, vehicles and obstructions may suddenly appear.

Rule: Extra care and consideration should be given in areas of concern.

Ramps - require special attention, load centers and vehicle capacities should be considered.

Rule: When negotiating a ramp always back down the incline with the load trailing.

The area around your vehicle such as the staging zone changes constantly.

Rule: Always pay extra attention to pedestrians in these zones.

When standing on the load attachment of a forklift extreme danger of falling exists.

Rule: ONLY operate the lift & lower functions when lifting authorized persons. Persons authorized to ride on the load end of a forklift must do so specifically designed safety cages, that contain interlocks, chains and safety connections with the forklift.

LPG can collect in low areas and caution should be giving to fire and explosion possibility.

Rule: Never store or stop your LPG gas vehicle for prolonged periods, in areas that contain shafts or rooms without proper exhaust - which might collect the gas.

Unsecured and improperly parked forklifts may be the cause of accidents.

Rule: Always set your parking brake before leaving the vehicle, turn of your engine - on electric vehicle select a neutral travel direction, neither forward or reverse and place the fork tips on the floor. Remove the ignition or operational key and on inclines block and chock your vehicle against movement.

Safety is a concern for ALL  

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