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PS Series Sidelift Diesel & LPG

PS Series - Sideloading Forklift (standard models)

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Sideloader Advantage

Advantages of a sideloader and multidirectional forklift over standard counter-balanced forklifts.

1) Carry long loads securely over uneven terrain

2) Overcome space limitations and restrictions

3) Provide maximum operator visibility

4) Higer travel speeds with safe load support - reduces operational cycle time providing greater efficiency and reducing costs

5) Optimum safety for long and bulky loads

6) Efficient us of available space results in overall savings

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PS (Power Shift) Side Loader with turbo diesel engines (also available in an LPG version) large pneumatic tires suitable to operate indoors and outdoors over uneven terrain under all weather conditions.

The hydrodynamic "power shift" traction system is supplied with 2 speeds forward and 2 speeds in reverse - reaching speeds of 16-17 mph. The hydrodymanic traction system is recommended over hydrostatic when operations call for a high number of daily running hours under extreme or heavy duty operating conditions.


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