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EK Series Features

The EK series was designed and developed to meet the demands of unit load handling in very narrow aisle while retaining case load & order picking capabilities.

EK series models offer the most extensive range of vehicles and features available.

EK model Lift heights are available up to and over 55.0 ft and operate with 4th generation ~AC control technology – for speed and battery efficiency.

Aisle width (AST) as small as 48” dependent on size and weight of load, stacking/picking height requirement and type of guidance system.

The EK turret truck available with inductive wire guidance or roller/rail guidance.

The EK is designed and built for high productivity, ease of operation, safety, reliability and durability, combined with ease of maintenance.

Touch button control of the load handling functions with customer choice of console* options that control the proportional speed of the selected function.

The lift mast, a Steinbock proven design, with unique frame bracing that offers stronger yet lighter manufacturing weights to lower the overall vehicle center of gravity, while providing improved operator visibility. Duplex & Triplex mast options are available.

Secondary mast heights of 66.9” or 90.5” maximize storage heights under ceiling obstructions. Note that custom height increments are also available.

Powered by a 48 / 80 volt AC brushless low energy consumption motor technology, the 12.5 – 26.0 kW hydraulic & 5.0 – 7.0 kW traction motors easily extend shift operation. Model and battery dependant – lift speeds up to 106 fpm.

Combined secondary and main mast lowering provide for faster individual work cycles. The feature can also be provided while lifting.

Easy to read color graphics display / spacious compartment with carpet covered walls and thick cushioned floor, provide the operator with a large range of motion for order picking tasks in a safe and secure enclosed compartment.

Synchronized rotating of the forks. Laden and unladen, (aisle width & load permitting) increases the load handling speed.

Battery handling with a standard forklift “battery frame” or roll out capability with “battery rollers” provide a fast multi-shift change capability. A power rail coupled with onboard high frequency charger option available to supply power 24 hours.

Vehicles are designed and built to suit customer applications, with numerous load handling devices & cab styles to suit all requirements individually.

Heavy lift requirements or oversized loads are easily handled by the HL model with a rated capacity of 4400 lbs at a 41” load center to a lift height of 276”.

The “driverless” Mayesto is a true AGV operating in rail guided narrow aisles with magnetic gyro navigation in transfer aisles – shipping / loading – or free roaming areas. The laser scanning obstacle detection / dimension measuring load positioning system is combined via RF with a powerful and customizable LOGO vehicle transport software control system.


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