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Sideloading Forklift Truck (Options)
Option Examples

(Some options are standard - model dependant).

Parking Sensor

Safety lock (blocks all hydraulic movement)

Pneumatic floating seat

Additional front service brakes (harsh applications)

Independent rear brakes

Second work light over cab - inside position adjustable

Second work light over cab - outside position adjustable

Road lighting package

Enclosed Cabin

Heated Cab

Servo-hydraulic joystick

Electronic joystick

Stereo-Radio / CD


Right window with double glass and external grid

Higher cabin height

Large wipers

Rear wiper

Special hide-away step cab front

Guide Rollers for narrow aisle applications

Hydrostatic transmission with variable capacity motor (25%)

LPG motor GM-IMPCO type 3.0L - L4 (without tank)

LPG motor GM-IMPCO type 4.3L - V6 (without tank)


Tow coupling

Special Paint

Catalytic filters for diesel engines

Camera on forks with monitor in cab


Many other options are available - for further information please contact PMH or call (407) 677 - 0040

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Electric Sideloader in lumber yard narrow aisle

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