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QL Series 4-Way Diesel & LPG

QL Series - 4-way Sideloading Forklift (standard models)





The QL Series provides the user with a solution to handle standard, bulky and long loads with a very flexible vehicle. The QL model is able to travel and steer in 4-directions, the vehicle is capable of maneuvering in very narrow aisles and tight quarters with these long and bulky loads.

Used indoors and outdoors the 3 driving and steering wheels allow the vehicle also to turn 360 degress virtually within its own space.

The oversized strong and heavy duty components, such as large wheels and gears, robust chassis and thick reinforced lift mast profiles easily handle the models capacity ranges from 4 T to 8 Tons.

Outdoor all weather cab allows loading flatbed trucks or stacking bulk loads in the yard or on cantilever racks even in adverse weather conditions.

The QL Series is designed to minimize maintenance requirements while providing safe and comfortable access to all installed components and subsystems. An efficient diagnostic system, designed for the electronic hydrostatic transmission, enables easy identification and resolution of potential faults, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing machine downtime.



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