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SL Series Modular Power Unit

SL Series - Power Module









Power Modules

High peformance, low noise and emission diesel / LPG engines or the quite high performance electric, the same platform and electronic system accross platforms.

The SLD / SLL (Diesel / LPG) engine is housed in the power module of the platform easily accessible for maintenance and service. The location and cover provide excellent protection, ventilation and noise insulation.

The SLD / SLL traction system is hydrostatic closed circuit type. The system composed of one variable displacement pump flanged to the engine while two pistons provide fixed displacement. Hydraulic motors are mounted directly on the wheel reducer rear axle. The axial piston variable pump hydraulic system is load sensing. The control valve electronic proportional with flow sharing - saving 5% to 10% fuel over conventional systems.

The SLE electric module has the traction motors mounted in place of the hydrostatic motors, while all controls for the electric and hydraulic systems are mounted underneath the rear platform. The computer controlled energy savings system provides outstanding performance and work shift duration.




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SL Diesel power module

SL LPG power module

SL electric powered module

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